White Label Case Studies - Industry Verticals

When it comes to our work, we’re very proud yet we believe our clients have a right to privacy. If you’re serious about working with us, we’ll happily provide you with a host of references. Until then, here’s a little taste of what we’re up to, in industries we are utterly passionate about.



Social strategy, asset development & campaign roll-out

The challenge: 

To support a luminary international airline drive their GCC sales to London, in a cold and competitive time of year - December. The budget was tight and the target audience broad, with limited in-house resources from the client to support the campaign. The remit was for a social media activation that packed a punch.

The strategy:

To connect with people by drawing them into a London experience of their choosing, by placing the audience in charge of the content that they want to see. A rich, multimedia experience would be provided, offering audiences exclusive insider knowledge of what’s on in London in December with incredible fares embedded as call-to-actions at all touchpoints.

The tactics:

This was rolled out via nascent social media chatbot technology, where the audience could immerse themselves in the content they were interested in. The chatbot instantly delivered tailored, pre-prepared and automated multimedia content in accordance with those choices, providing customer service guidance, should the user request information not present and a call to action to showcase and book airfares.

The results: 

This was an aviation industry first. What was meant to be a GCC initiative was rolled out across international markets in 9 languages! The results exceeded all campaign KPIs and went beyond; it provided the brand with an owned digital media asset that can be leveraged for future initiatives. The social media activation created an additional PR halo around the campaign and was picked up by more than 30 international media outlets. The client also derived a wealth of useful data on audience content preferences and purchase triggers to further hone their content marketing strategy. 


“The Bravo Romeo team offer a rare breed of creative thinking married to abundant tech talent. Given the calibre of the team's social and digital media work, we invited Bravo Romeo to collaborate with us on our aviation account. Bravo Romeo devised, implemented and managed a creative social media activation plan that was audience-centric, technologically innovative and a true industry-first. We loved it, the client loved it and consumers loved it. What was meant to be a regional campaign was ultimately rolled out in nine languages across key markets around the globe.” 

- MD of teaming agency that engaged us



Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy & Campaign Planning

Bravo Romeo was called upon to devise an integrated marketing communications strategy for a technology-focused entity within the Dubai government.  

The challenge: 

A newly formed government entity has a bold and aspirational vision and are working hard to achieve it. The problem has been that, while many people know about the entity’s initiatives, brand association and overall awareness was low. The MarComms team and their agencies were working hard, tactically, day by day. Their work needed an actionable, integrated marketing and communications strategy to draw the disciplines and initiatives together under the new brand.

Our approach:

To address all these challenges, we conducted an in-depth audit and strategy development exercise. We interviewed tens of senior stakeholders across every aspect of the entity as well as and external marcomms agencies, from social, to PR and paid media and live communications. This allowed us to identify and evaluate the opportunities and pain points each of the stakeholders were experiencing and observing. Additionally, we conducted a global benchmarking study, which revealed how the entity was positioned compared to its global counterparts. A comprehensive IMC strategy and rollout plan was devised, which drew together all their marcomms disciplines into an effective plan, along with detailed campaign planning, key messaging, influencer ID, measurement & reporting frameworks and more. 


We currently oversee the rollout of this strategy, working with the entity to support them on this journey and we <3 it.



Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy & Rollout, Including Content Acquisition

The challenge: 

Bravo Romeo was tasked to put together a go-to-market strategy for a revolutionary new interactive, cloud-based video editing software for social media, nearing a global launch. We were required to help articulate the value proposition, clearly define the audience and establish a go-to-market strategy. We were put in charge of third party content acquisition and evaluation. The technology we’re working with is so groundbreaking that there’s no names for some of them… it’s the brief of a lifetime.

Our approach: 

We put together a 12 month global launch and rollout plan in place, with a 3 year strategy blueprint. A comprehensive landscape audit and competitive benchmarking report was developed, with social monitoring, trend analysis, market testing and focus groups, which illuminated the way to the go-to-market strategy. By collaborating with the founders and as a result of the audit process, we re-shaped the offering completely, fusing the video creation tool with its sister publishing solution and in doing so create a scalable, monetized content ecosystem.


“Bravo Romeo by AJ has been instrumental in guiding both the business and go-to-market strategy of this technology and its related family of platforms. Their incisive and exhaustive audit revealed insights that defined our market positioning and value proposition, from which they built on to create a comprehensive launch and 3 year marketing and communications blueprint"