Background / Challenge

December is a tough time for London travel and BA needed to raise awareness of their London sale. The remit was for global key markets in 7 languages. The target audience was broad however the client wanted to appeal to millennials in a fresh and innovative way. The budget was not substantial and BA’s human resources to support the campaign were scarce.

Enter Bravo Romeo. We were were called upon by our friends at Action Global Communications to lead the on conceptualization and integration.


The Strategy

In order to achieve this, our strategy determined that we would:

  • Connect with people by putting the audience in charge of the content they wished to see.
  • Offer audiences exclusive insider knowledge of what’s on in London in December with incredible fares as a call-to-action embedded at all touch-points.
  • Leverage BA’s enviable brand partner portfolio to add value to the experience.
  • Provide a rich multimedia experience using emerging social technology in a way that was entertaining and a first for the industry.
Bravo_Romeo_Artboard 19-100.jpg

The Digital Tactics

Using nascent social media chat-bot technology, named the “British Airways ‘BOTler’”, the customer selected the content they were interested in. The chatbot instantly delivered tailored, pre-prepared and automated multimedia content in accordance with those choices, providing customer service guidance, should the user request information not present and a call to action to showcase and book airfares.

We engaged David Beckham, food blogger ‘Clerkenwell Boy’ and numerous other influencers and celebrities, who provided their personal tips across London’s sport, culture, dining and events. We worked with British Airways’ partner brands to provide exclusive savings on presentation of the boarding pass; another incentive to purchase.



The sale was a successful tactical activation and efficient, with an average social cost / engagement well below market average.  From a PR perspective, the campaign went well beyond the remit; the way in which we had communicated with our audience provided a PR halo effect, with global titles such as Business Traveler and Campaigns of the world (in addition to over 30 others) picking up on BA’s innovative fusion of content with bot technology.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, in delivering the BOTler, BA now has a sustainable owned digital media platform which they can leverage for future initiatives, from compelling brand storytelling to customer service. BA derived a tremendous amount of useful data on audience content preferences and purchase triggers to further hone their content marketing strategy and devise ways of communicating with their customers in a way which is audience-centric.