Purpose, Passion and Philosophy


At Bravo Romeo, we show brands how to love their audience and better address their needs, to drive business results.

Bravo Romeo by AJ is an internationally recognized, integrated marketing communications firm, with a difference: we are single-mindedly determined to improve the industry status quo. Over the years, our industry has become fragmented and over-complicated. Brands are speaking in many voices; often to themselves. Enter Bravo Romeo. We are both an agency and a client’s best friend.

Here’s where we help:

  1. You require a comprehensive marketing communications strategy that delivers on business objectives and unifies your marcomms disciplines
  2. You wish to solve inefficiencies that exist within your current marketing and communications set-up, to reduce silos and have your teams work towards a common 'North Star'

  3. You require strategy that is customer-centric and data-driven; one which connects with customer desires to drive favorable business outcomes

  4. You need to improve your digital communications capability. You know that there’s an array of digital solutions out there but need a plan that delivers results

  5. You’re an agency that wants to see your great ideas and hard work brought to life across disciplines which may be out-with your remit 

At Bravo Romeo, we collaborate with both internal and agency partners, to deliver comprehensive strategy that involves all disciplines. We remain accountable for that strategy, providing measurement frameworks, as well as ongoing support, to ensure the strategy we put forward works. 

Ultimately, we love collaboration. We’re committed to great relationships and spectacular work.


Our Brand Values


1. Foster Love. 
We believe that in order to garner brand love, brands must first love and respect their audience. We demonstrate these same values as a team, both inwardly, towards ourselves and each other and to our clients also. 

2. Respect the audience. 
We do not enable self-serving work on behalf of our clients, at the expense of their audience. Likewise, in our own communications, we must look to first serve the needs of our target audience.

3. Respect the truth
Bravo Romeo is a data and insight driven communications firm, which informs our creative approach. We know that creativity without relevant insight is most often fruitless. 

4. Creativity with purpose
Following on from respecting the truth, we make sure our creative solutions connect the audience’s need with a businesses’ need. We don’t do fluff.

5. We are obsessively curious
In fact, we’re competitive about discovery and sharing

6. We are discerning
We challenge our own ideas, we challenge clients. We are selective about who and what we take on. We look for brand fit, synergy and harmony in our client and employee partnerships



Our leadership team possesses a wealth of experience both globally and in the Middle East.

MC new headshot b&w.jpeg

Meredith Carson

Meredith Carson is the CEO of Bravo Romeo by AJ. A problem solver and change agent, she has 20 years of experience within the content marketing and integrated communications realm.

Meredith is an advocate for a digital-first approach; she’s led new media marketing and new media initiatives within a “traditional” framework since 2002. She’s known within the industry for her ability to set the agenda and advance global best practice in digital analytics, content marketing, social media and digital PR. Today, she is regarded as the go-to person in the region for online communications strategy and digital/social media crisis management.

Meredith has held leadership roles within multinational media, creative and PR networks, such as Omnicom, Mullen Lowe Group and WPP. She possesses considerable media experience as a magazine editor, radio producer/presenter/music director and social media lead for luminary global broadcasters and producers.

Creative by nature and focused on business effectiveness, Meredith’s efforts are recognized by the Effie Awards, Worldwide Media Cristals, M&M Global Awards and the Lynx Awards. She’s regarded as an industry thought-leader and has contributed pieces for trade titles and shows such as Campaign, Communicate and Gulf Marketing Review, ArabNet, Emirates Environment Summit and MENA Social Media Summit.


krc_headshot 4.png

Katie Rose Cuthbert

Katie is our Communications Manager; a marketing and communications professional with nine years of experience. When it comes to project management, getting everyone and everything into line, Katie’s your woman to deliver on time and on budget. She is the rock of Bravo Romeo.

In the past Katie’s been responsible for conceptualizing and project managing multimedia internal communications, servicing six companies within a group network.She has worked on creative campaigns for multinational brands and has been part of a critical number of successful marketing strategies and online & offline event management. She also possesses significant crisis communication training with a leading global airline. Katie’s experience spans the UAE, UK and Qatar. 

Katie loves: to sit around a campfire and belt out Scottish Folk songs - she has a beautiful singing voice, by the way.